最近因為我自己想買 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架


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【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 非常的吸引我的關注。走過路過這裡,





【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 的產品介紹在下面,











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  • ◎掛衣桿兩側可伸縮,附可翻轉毛巾架,小而巧功能強!
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【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 討論,推薦,開箱,CP值,熱賣,團購,便宜,優惠,介紹,排行,精選,特價,周年慶,體驗,限時





(中央社芝加哥16日綜合外電報導)美國職棒大聯盟洛杉磯道奇隊靠王牌左投克蕭(Clayton Kershaw)7局好投,及龔薩雷茲(Adrian Gonzalez)的陽春砲,今天以1比0擊敗芝加哥小熊,國聯冠軍戰系列賽扳成1比1。

法新社報導,克蕭今天7局僅被打2支安打,加上終結者詹森(Kenley Jansen)強力關門,使得龔薩雷茲第2局從小熊先發投手韓德瑞克斯(Kyle Hendricks)手中打出的陽春砲,就足以讓道奇贏球。

克蕭7局投出6次三振,詹森後援8、9兩局送出4次三振,包括K掉15日冠軍戰首戰轟出滿貫砲幫小熊隊贏球的孟蒂羅(Miguel Montero)

道奇與小熊將於18日進行第3戰,道奇將推出前小熊隊投手希爾(Rich Hill)先發;小熊隊則將派出曾於2015年8月30日對道奇投出無安打比賽的艾利耶塔(Jake Arrieta)掛帥。



道奇第4戰 將推大聯盟史上最菜季後賽先發投手
地表最強投手 道奇王牌克蕭封殺小熊
印地安人牛棚安穩 再勝藍鳥聽牌
Bauer血濺球場 投不滿1局提前退場
桑切斯打太好 麥肯萌生不如歸去之意

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If you don't like baseball, watch baseball, or know what baseball is, know this — the 2016 World Series is different.?

When the Cleveland Indians host the Chicago Cubs in a best-of-seven series

... 較多If you don't like baseball, watch baseball, or know what baseball is, know this — the 2016 World Series is different.?

When the Cleveland Indians host the Chicago Cubs in a best-of-seven series beginning Tuesday night, we won't just witness another run-of-the-mill Fall Classic. This year's matchup is steeped in history, characterized by decades of suffering, and features two teams who know a whole lot about losing.?

By the end of this World Series, one city will hoist the championship trophy for the first time in a very, very, long time.?

SEE ALSO: The dark side of a feel-good World Series

The Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908, the longest championship drought in North American professional sports. They haven't even been to a World Series since 1945.?

Chicago's franchise is supposedly cursed, and the years of bad luck and losing seasons prove it.?

But a revamped front office and minor-league farm system have turned the Cubs from lovable losers to a national powerhouse. They showed up at Spring Training with the best odds of winning the World Series and led baseball with 103 wins during the regular season. ?

It's easy to root for this year's Cubs, until you remember who's in the other corner.

Image: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Indians haven't won a World Series since 1948, the second longest championship drought in baseball. Cleveland stumbled through the 1970s and '80s, failing to make the postseason every season in a 24-year span. Its last World Series appearances — both losses, of course — came in 1995 and 1997.?

The history of this World Series is huge, and each team's drought will be hyped constantly. But there's more to this matchup.

So, if you're just tuning in, here are our five biggest storylines to watch during the 112th World Series.?

1. Battle of the bullpens

The Cubs and Indians have one very specific thing in common —?in July, they both picked up two of the best relief pitchers in baseball, courtesy of the New York Yankees. The Indians, who traded for Andrew Miller, and the Cubs, who traded for Aroldis Chapman, understood the value of a shut-down bullpen in the postseason, and made sure to stock up on elite relievers.?

Andrew Miller has been unbeatable.

Image: Elsa/Getty Images

The results have been undeniable.?

Miller struck out 21 batters in 11.2 scoreless postseason innings for the Indians, earning MVP honors in the American League Championship Series. He's at the helm of a monster bullpen with a 1.67 ERA in the playoffs.?

Cleveland's strategy this postseason is simple —?get an early lead and let the bullpen save it.?

Though the Cubs' bullpen might not have the flashiest postseason numbers this year — a 3.53 ERA and a couple blown saves — it still features Chapman, who fires 100-mph fastballs right by hitters on a regular basis.?

Image: mlb

Keep an eye on the bullpen. This series could hinge on the guys emerging from it.?

2. The fountain of youth

You can bet Fox announcers will constantly tout the young talent of both World Series teams, particularly Chicago.?

The average age of the Cubs infield — featuring All-Star Addison Russell, NLCS co-MVP Javier Baez, 2015 Rookie of the Year Kris Bryant and MVP candidate Anthony Rizzo — is 24 years old.?

Russell and Baez are only 22 and 23, respectively. They epitomize the Cubs' philosophy of developing young superstars and complimenting them with big-budget free agent signings.?

Clearly, that model has worked.?

Javier Baez was the Cubs' co-MVP of the NLCS.

Image: mlb

The Indians have shallower pockets, and couldn't afford to take the powerhouse approach. Instead, Cleveland relies on contributions from more frugal pick-ups like Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli.?

They still boast a solid young core that features All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor (22), José Ramirez (24) and rookie Tyler Naquin (25). Rookie starting pitcher Ryan Merritt (24) made only one major league start before helping the Indians clinch a World Series berth last week.?

For a World Series soaked in historical context, this Fall Classic belongs to the kids.?

3. It starts with starting pitching

With all eyes on the bullpen, starting pitching could be the Cubs' not-so -secret weapon.?

Chicago boasts a deep starting rotation that led the majors with a 2.96 ERA during the regular season. Between Jon Lester — who's posted a 0.86 ERA in three postseason games — Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks, the Cubs are set.?

The Indians had a brilliant starting rotation of their own at one point this season, but lost two of their talented arms to injury. There are murmurs of one of them returning, but more on that later.

Aside from Game 1 starter and former Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber, the Indians have relied on good — but not elite — starting pitchers who turn in gutsy performances.?

Corey Kluber won 18 games in 2016.

Image: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Josh Tomlin is largely untested. Trevor Bauer bled himself off the mound last week. Ryan Merritt has two major league starts to his name.

Still, the Indians starting rotation has an impressive 1.86 ERA this postseason.

But don't let the numbers fool you. Chicago has an edge here.?

4. Comeback kids

This World Series will feature elite relief pitching, the best of the best. Games will surely come down to the late innings.

But here's something to chew on.?

This postseason, the Cubs have scored 17 runs in the seventh inning or later, the best of any team. They've thrived on comeback wins, and never seem to go down quietly.

Image: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

How many have the Indians scored in the seventh or later?


Cleveland appears incapable of putting runs on the board with their backs against the wall. Their game plan, as mentioned, is to get an early lead and turn things over to the bullpen.

That might not work against a team like the Cubs.?

Chicago's bullpen is beatable, but it's still formidable in the late innings, a time when the Indians' bats seem to be incredibly weak.?

5. Reviving the dead

Chicago won more than 100 games without Kyle Schwarber, one of the Cub's elite young superstars. Schwarber hit five postseason home runs last year, but tore his ACL just two games into this season.?

Now, there's talk he might be back.?

Since coming off the disabled list on Saturday, Schwarber has been getting back into playing shape in the Arizona Fall League (AFL). Depending on his performance in an AFL game Monday night, the Cubs could activate him for a designated hitter role in the World Series on Tuesday.?

There's sure to be rust, but if Schwarber performs anything like the player he was in 2015, he could be a difference-maker.?

For Cleveland, it's looking like starting pitcher Danny Salazar will return as well.

The All-Star right-hander, who struck out more than 10 batters per nine innings during the regular season, has been sidelined with a forearm strain since Sept. 9. It's unclear whether or not Salazar will start, considering the long layover, but he would bring stability to a starting rotation that desperately needs it.?

Both teams aren't taking any chances. They want their best lineups on the field.

Image: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

This World Series figures to be epic, not only because of the historical context, but because of how each team's strengths counter the other's. Chicago's bats are scary, but Cleveland's pitching is hot. The Indians' bullpen is ferocious, but the Cubs know how to score late.?

Regardless, one of these long-suffering franchises will see relief soon. A historic championship drought will be quenched with a champagne shower.?

The loser? Well, they're already used to losing, and can wait just a little longer.?


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【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 推薦, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 討論, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 部落客, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 比較評比, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 使用評比, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 開箱文, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架?推薦, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 評測文, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 CP值, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 評鑑大隊, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 部落客推薦, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 好用嗎?, 【LIFECODE】小太陽-免螺絲X型曬衣架附毛巾架(帝芬妮藍)_送曬鞋架 去哪買?

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